To add two network cards and try to work an email server?

To add two network cards and try to work an email server?

Post by tck.. » Wed, 12 May 1999 04:00:00

Hi all,
I have an question that hope some one can help me with. thanks!
I want to build up an e-mail system that can work with my intranet,
also can send mail to internet.(Maybe need two network cards)
I have an intranet system which ip is a1.a2.a3.a4, and I want my users
can send an e-mail to each other. Also, this machine can accept an
e-mail that send from internet(I also want my users can send to
internet too). How can I setup it?
My second question is: Should I have to setup a different domain for
my machine(for intranet used)? If so, how can I do it(my domain
controller is using NT) because I already have an internet domain?

Thanks for help,


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eth1   (
eth0   (
eth0:0 (
eth0:1 (

After reboot, both cards are detected and brought up, when trying to
ping either side from the firewall (coming back destination


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Any help would be appreciated.

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