Restore 100GB in 2 hours / Sun SSA not reliable enough?

Restore 100GB in 2 hours / Sun SSA not reliable enough?

Post by S S Wa » Sun, 29 Nov 1998 04:00:00

A project with around 150GB is going to be implemented.
Vendor suggested using VxFS + Clariion, and a
6 x 17GB RAID5 diskgroup. Is it possible to use whatever
backup device to achieve a restore speed of ~50GB/hr?

Moreover, we have been using Sun's Enterprise VM 2.5
with SPARCstorage Array 100, and RAID5 with log disk.
We have came across an accident that a * operator
switched off the SSA while the server was still writing to a RAID5
group inside,  it was then found that the RAID5 had two 'plex'
damaged, i.e. the whole 10GB data was destroyed!  In fact, we
found that whenever a block error occurs the whole 'plex' is marked
destroyed, i.e., if a whole disk is used as a plex the whole disk
(17GB maybe) will be destroyed!

Is the solution we are using really that fragile? Will the VxFS + Clariion
be better. We really don't want any power-trip to destroy data (and
the vendor claimed the new solution can do this).

What are you guys using for mission-critical projects?


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        ps -auxwk
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