cross-compiler: Solaris->MIPS

cross-compiler: Solaris->MIPS

Post by christophe tard » Tue, 02 Feb 1999 04:00:00

> Hi,

> I'm trying to create a cross-compiler hosted on a Solaris 2.6 (SPARC)
> machine for IRIX5 and IRIX6.  I need to create a copy of GNU as and GNU ld
> that will do the cross-assembly and linking work.  It doesn't look like
> either of those products can be compiled to work with shared libraries,
> and the binutils (version 2.9.1) package won't compile them.  Anyone got a
> cross-assembler and a cross-linker configured using binutils, or any
> other, package for IRIX5 and IRIX6 as the targets and SOLARIS 2.6 as the
> host?

> I also need to tackle the thorny issue of making gas and gld for FreeBSD,
> Linux, and AIX targets.  Before I leap into making those, does anyone have
> any advice or pointers to online assistance for making those targets using
> a Solaris 2.6 host?

> Any help would be appreciated.
> Joshua Pincus
> UNIX Technical Assistant
> University of Rochester

Hello Joshua

    It is quite easy to make a cross compiler with gcc. I've done that on a
Sun for HP, AIX, DOS (DJGPP)
   and SGI Irix 3 (yes our very old computers are still in use for porting
   I heard they were problems for Irix 4 and 5 but if you can live with irix
3 I can mail
   that to you. My configuration is binutils9.1 and egcs1.1b.I you want AIX
it is OK too
   (It is an old AIX 3.25 but still fine for us).

    The work is quite straightforward and explained in the binutils and egcs
     If it is supported You need the headers and the systems librairies. You
need too libgcc.a
     which you can't cross-compile (gcc runtime support functions).