Hung Print Jobs: Printer Driver for DataProducts Line Printer

1. Dataproducts long-line printer

We have a printer with a Dataproducts "long-line" interface.  Does
anyone know what is requred to attach this to a 560 running 3.2.2?

A converter of some sort would be ok.  It is a high speed printer and
any serial interface would have to work at at 38400 baud.  Black Box
has a serial->DPI but it is specifically not compatable with the long
lines interface.

Does anyone know a phone number for Dataproducts?  Maybe they would
have some info on converters etc...

Thank you

             | Voice: DSM Chemicals, Inc        706-849-6839
             |      : ShadeTree Software, Inc.  908-874-6670
          I do not speak for DSM.  I do speak for ShadeTree Software!

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