Real-time BSM monitor

Real-time BSM monitor

Post by John Od » Tue, 31 Mar 1998 04:00:00

I'm looking for information regarding availabilty of an API or program
to perform real-time decoding of a BSM audit trail. The API will be used
in another program. I'd like to avoid having to write and debug my own
decoder. A built-in API would of course be best, but second party solutions
would also be very helpful. Any information would be appreciated. Thank
you in advance.


1. help with real-time connection monitoring

hello all.

i was wondering if it was possible to watch all of the outgoing and
incoming (friendly and non-friendly) network traffic going through my
router, in real-time. i was thinking maybe the 'top' command, but i'm
not very familiar with this.

can anybody reccomend anything, or how to configure the top command to
watch traffic in real-time?

thanks much,

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