Solaris2.5 problem during installation on Sparc-IPC ! Help !

Solaris2.5 problem during installation on Sparc-IPC ! Help !

Post by sccste » Tue, 23 Jul 1996 04:00:00

Can somebody help me with this problem ?
I installed solaris2.5 on Sparc IPC using CDROM. Now when I try to boot using
using :

Quote:> boot sd0a

I get the following message :

lookuppn failed: No such file or directory (errno 2)
copen : bad vn_open
boot failed:

What is the problem. !
Is Sparc-IPC different from others configuration.

By the way, this machine had SunOS 4.1.3 installed on it earlier.

Please respond ASAP !


Parag Rastogi

Software Consulting and design


1. RH 8.0 hangs during installation of packages and during installation.


I downloaded CD 1,2,3 from RH ftp site.
Burned the CD's ok.
Next, I rebooted the PC and put CD 1 in.
Next, I did the media check on all the three CD's and everything passed.
Next I went through the installation. Asked to install everything.
Next, it finished CD1 and asked me to enter CD2. I did. Then it started
installing packages from CD2 ok. after few minutes and number of packages
installed, the whole thing hanged. I waited and waited and nothing is
changing and no more packages are being installed. the system is froze.

I rebooted and tried again. The same thing happened.

Next, I rebooted and did not select everything, but selected small number
of pckages. Again CD2 was read, but this time it did not hang, since now
very small number of package was being read.

So, the installation now completed OK.

I boot into the system, go to root and select 'packages' under 'system tools'
from the main menu. I now select all the packages that I did not select
during installation.

It asks me to insert CD1, it starts reading the packages, and now the
whole system hangs again (it happened to be reading the gcc package, but
that is just by chance). The system freezes. the mouse does not move.

my PC is a new PC. 2 CPU (I select smp when booting). It is ZEON, 2.4 GHZ,
mother board is supermicro MBD-P4DME. This PC have no HW problem, I run windoz
OK on it for 4 months now.

kernel is 'Linux 2.4.18-14smp' (the one that comes with RH 8, I did not
recompile or build anything new).


has anyone else has similar problems?
What do you think can be wrong?
where else to look for possible problem?

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