Sun Workshop 4.2 C++ Compiler - debug symbol format not understood by debuggers

Sun Workshop 4.2 C++ Compiler - debug symbol format not understood by debuggers

Post by Greg Nancarro » Sat, 28 Mar 1998 04:00:00

The Sun Workshop C++ Compiler (4.2) seems to generate object files
with debug symbols that are not understood by some de*s,
namely GDB (even the latest 4.16 version for Solaris) and older
DBXs. I don't have the latest DBX de*, it's quite expensive.
The UPS de* seems to understand the debug symbols,
but it doesn't handle C++ templates properly.

Has anybody else also encountered this problem ?

Is there some way (eg. compiler/linker flag etc. to generate old
format etc.) in order to  use GDB to properly debug C++ programs
compiled with the Sun Workshop C++ Compiler ? I've tried numerous
flag settings, nothing fixes the problem. Anybody know of a
de* other than those mentioned that will work for me ?

Any help appreciated.

Greg Nancarrow


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We use Sun Workshop C/C++ 4.2 on Solaris 2.6 (Ultra E3000 platforms) and
have run into several problems where dbx will not be able to read core
files generated properly, even though the executables were built with
Sun CC/C++ 4.2.

Gdb also seems to have some problems with executables built with Sun CC/C++ 4.2
and core files genereated from them.

If it helps, the problems are quite often involved with core dumps in statically
linked libraries.

What is the debugging format used by Sun S/C++ in Solaris 2.6 ELF
executables? Would gdb have a problem with this?


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