Video Driver Doesn't Respond?? Please Help

Video Driver Doesn't Respond?? Please Help

Post by UseNe » Thu, 08 Oct 1998 04:00:00

I have recently installed solaris on my HP Pavilion PC.  The installation
went great and I can get to the command line.  However, my problem is that I
can't get my x windows up because xfmconfig doesn't recognize my video card.
I can run in 16 colors but that just isn't anything good.  I am currently
running a ati 64 vt3 video card.  Sun technical support says that that card
is not supported.  But in the hardware compatibility list it says that it
is.  If you have any knowledge on the subject or what other video I can use
please reply to :

Please reply to email and not to the news group.

P.S. If you know that this driver isn't supported and you don't know a way
around it then please give suggestions on a video driver that you use that




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