more secure alternatives to .rhosts and .netrc

more secure alternatives to .rhosts and .netrc

Post by MikeH » Mon, 13 Jun 2005 15:21:48

I investigating more secure alternatives to .rhosts and .netrc for ftp
or shell communication between Sun boxes and Wintel boxes. I'm thinking
of certificates. I would like to get opinions and experiences from
persons who have done or attempting to do the migration from .rhosts /
.netrc to more secure methods. Thank you.

1. .netrc not working (.netrc file not correct mode)

I cannot figure out why it is 'not correct mode:

testweb - /export/wlserver> ftp
Connected to
220 sunprod1 FTP server (SunOS 5.8) ready.
Error - .netrc file not correct mode.
Remove password or correct mode.
221 Goodbye.
ftp> bye

testweb - /export/wlserver> cat .netrc

login bighost
password bighostpass

macdef update_production
        cd deploy
        put test.lst

testweb - /export/wlserver> ls -al .netrc
-rwxrwxrwx   1 wlserver wladmin      128 Jul 16 17:50 .netrc

- The_Duck

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