lsof runs on 2.2 (was: Re: ofiles, lsof, sps for Solaris 2.x?)

lsof runs on 2.2 (was: Re: ofiles, lsof, sps for Solaris 2.x?)

Post by Frank Kaef » Sun, 18 Apr 1993 18:39:32

|The lsof sources on in pucc/lsof217tar.Z contain
|Solaris support.  The code has only been tested on two Solaris systems,
|and my Solaris internals knowledge is thin, so I'm not confident the
|support is yet very complete.

I compiled lsof 2.17 on Solaris 2.2 and it runs just fine.



1. ofiles, lsof, sps for Solaris 2.x?

Has anyone done ports of the usual array of process info utilities
(ofiles, lsof, pff, sps, ..) to Solaris 2.x? The standard SVR4 fuser is
ok for finding what processes have a file open, but it would sure be
helpful to know what processes are holding which network connections,
and what all the fd's map to for a give process.


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