HELP!: Solaris 2.3/OW 3.3: Mailtool doesn't work!

HELP!: Solaris 2.3/OW 3.3: Mailtool doesn't work!

Post by Clay Luth » Thu, 21 Jul 1994 01:22:06

This morning when I came into to work, I was immediately attack by ravaging
users who complained that mailtool was not coming up on their machines.

Sure enough, it wasn't.  The user would execute mailtool and it would *run*,
but after a brief start-up period, would go to sleep and never appear on the
user's screen.

No errors were reported on the console; no errors appeared in the var-logs.
The problem was replicatable on different machines under different user

/var/mail is automounted and can be read by other mail readers, such as emacs.

Mailtool was working fine yesterday and I cannot pinpoint anything that would
have changed that.

Has anyone seen this problem before?  It's an emergency here.


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HELP!: Solaris 2.3/OW 3.3: Mailtool doesn't work!

Post by Mauro Jorge Atal » Thu, 21 Jul 1994 04:59:53

        Just for the record, this happened to me, today, also.  Sparc 10/41, local disk drive,
running Solaris 2.3 with patches:

Patches currently applied:

        It has never happened before...



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HELP!: Solaris 2.3/OW 3.3: Mailtool doesn't work!

Post by Hugh Couchm » Thu, 21 Jul 1994 06:40:02

101495-01 may fix this. I had a similar problem pop up out of nowhere yesterday:
sparcworks, de*, mailtool, answerbook all took forever to start up. I'm now
running normally (as far as I can tell) after applying the above patch.


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