CD-ROM problems with Solaris 2.6

1. IDE CD-ROM problem Solaris 2.6/x86

I received my free copy of Solaris 2.6 X86 this week and it installed
no problem :-).

However, I have a problem with the CD-ROM. It works fine if I boot
Solaris with a CD already in the drive, but if I insert a new CD in
the drive it will not read the disc. It keeps trying but won't do it.
It will not open the disc or allow me to eject it or anything. The
only way I can regain access to the CD drive is to re-boot.

My system is as follows :

AMD K6/2-300 in a FIC VA-503+ motherboard running at 66Mhz bus speed
with 128Mb SIMM EDO RAM.

1st HD = Quantum fireball 6.4Gb EIDE as primary master
2nd HD = IBM 8.4 GB EIDE as primary slave
3rd HD = Fujitsu 2GB EIDE as secondary master
CD-ROM = Goldstar IDE as secondary slave

I have Windows 98 and NT4.0 taking up all of the 1st HD
I have 4 partitions on the 2nd HD with SUSE 5.3 Linux on the 1st 3GB
parition, Solaris on the 2nd 3GB partition, 1 extended partition of
2GB with 2 logical drives of 1GB FAT16 and 1GB NTFS
I have 1NTFS, 1 Linux swap and 1 Linux partition on the 3rd HD

I boot Solaris using the NT bootloader and it boots fine as do all the
other operating systems.

Solaris works OK except for the problem with changing CDs. I use CDE
as my working environment.

Does anyone have any suggestions. It's a pain having to re-boot to
change CDs.


Sean Akers.

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