NJ--Need MS Win NT & Exchange specialist

NJ--Need MS Win NT & Exchange specialist

Post by Jack Slocu » Thu, 27 Mar 1997 04:00:00

ICon CMT Corp         http://www.iconnet.net

We need MS Windows NT and Exchange pros!!!!!!!

Admins, MS Exchange specialists, Network design and analysis

Permanent positions w/ full benefits package.
Salary to 85K.

Please email or fax resume to:

ICon CMT Corp
Voice: (201)319-5868
Fax: (201)601-2018 (Attn: Jack Slocum)


1. linux/NT/MS-Exchange

Hi folks

I'm a linux newbie -though I used to use Coherent a long time ago- so I
apologize in advanced for any stupid question I may ask.

I have a linux box running RedHad Linux 5.1.1 (kernel 2.0.35) I have almost
everything configured correctly and working (DHCH, WINS, HHTP and so forth)
while sharing a LAN with NT boxes. One of the NT servers is running MS
Exchange Server, which my company uses as a mail gateway to the internet.

Can anybody tell me how should I configure linux AND/OR  exchange in order
to provide my linux box with internet mail?

I started setiing up the smarthost in sendmail.cf (DSservername), but I
can't get it to work. i guess I should configure SMTP on exchange too, but
I've got no clue. Our network administrator told me he set it up, but the
bottom line is that it doesn't work

Any help would be greatly appreciated



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