Can a static library be compiled into a shared library?

Can a static library be compiled into a shared library?

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Here at work we're attempting to make a .so file out of some .o files
and some previously existing .a files. Right now that's not working at
all. As a metter of interest, the code is C++ with templates, and must
be linked with the ObjectSpace Standards<Toolkit> library. A question:

Is the PIC option necessary for everything that goes into an .so?

Compiler: Sun Workshop 3.0 CC
System: SunOS 5.5.1 (Which Solaris is that anyway?)

Steve Carrow

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1. Compiling static libraries as shared libraries

Howdy! I've got myself ~50 megs of sources for about 10 meg of libraries I've
been working with. Right now, they all compile nicely and give me some nice
libwhatever.a files. OK, that's swell, but I can't statically link a good
portion of my programs (Damn ELF won't compile them statically :), so I need to
compile them as So, how do I change my source for this. Right
now I'm doing this.

ls -r -o libwhatever.a object1.o object2.o object3.o object4.o

Any help is appreciated.

Justin (Gus) Hurwitz

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