solaris 2.2 hangs on SIGURG upon receiving an OOB-msg

solaris 2.2 hangs on SIGURG upon receiving an OOB-msg

Post by Sundar Narasimh » Mon, 13 Dec 1993 14:15:12

Hi, we are running 5.2 Generic on our sparc 10 (sun4m) with
the foll. patches applied:

Our application relies on receiving a SIGURG signal in response
to an out-of-band message on a socket. Solaris 2.2 hangs when
we try to do this. Using truss/dbx we can see that it sometimes is
in the signal handler and usually after processing the OOB msg
that this happens.

This is a MAJOR bug, and I'm surprised that it hasn't been fixed

Any suggestions to debug/fix this would be enormously appreciated.



1. OOB socket xfer and SIGURG

when sending out-of-band data over an internet socket [using TCP] thus:

#define ABORT (-1)
int mesg = ABORT;
int res = send( sock_desc, (const void*) &mesg, sizeof(int), MSG_OOB );

to another process that catched SIGURG thus:

extern void sigurg_handler(int mesg);

signal(SIGURG, sigurg_handler);

this *should* generate a SIGURG signal for the receiving process,
providing it is in an interuptible state, correct? Or am I missing

Thanks for any replies!

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