Mail: Using a Different Domainname in outgoing mail

Mail: Using a Different Domainname in outgoing mail

Post by John Criswic » Fri, 06 Oct 1995 04:00:00


All mail going out of my system has the domain name attached to the user name. But say I have
a user with a web site on my system who has registered
a different domain name for their site and they want
their outgoing mail to use that domain name.

Example, may become registered to point to But I want particular users affiliated

Is this a problem handled by Sendmail? Can anyone help
point me in the right direction.

Thanks, ...John Criswick


1. How to get mail to log outgoing mail in folders automatically

     From a beginner,

     I am used to CMS mail which logs all outgoing mail automatically
in folders named by the nick name of the person mail is sent too.
Other mail is logged into OUTSEND MAIL, much like the AIX system I am
on now.

     I have looked at emacs mail, mail, and mh, and it is not clear to
me that this automatic logging is possible.  Do I have any options
including programming my own scripts etc?

     All outgoing mail should be automatically put in a folder with
the person's nick name at the folder name.

     Comments to RTFM are welcome.


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