disabling negative nscd caching?

disabling negative nscd caching?

Post by Jim Dav » Sat, 10 Feb 1996 04:00:00

I want to disable negative caching on hostname lookups on a particular
system.  From looking at the debugging output, it seems setting

negative-time-to-live   hosts   0

does the trick.  Does anyone know if that is the canonical way?
Jim Davis


1. disabling nscd host cache not a good workaround for DNS problems

Ever since we installed patch 103667-05 (for Solaris 2.5) we've had
problems with intermittent failures of DNS lookups.  I've seen and
understood the explanations for this, involving the difficulty of
multithreading resolver lookups and the resulting bottleneck in nscd.
Lately we've been trying the Sun-recommended workaround of disabling the
host cache in nscd.  This has been partly successful; it seems to
improve behavior of many things, but caused netscape to fail to find any
hosts not in /etc/inet/hosts.  We were able to fix that by editing the
netscape binary to link with libresolv.so.2 instead of.1.  Since then
we've discovered another undesirable effect of this workaround: the CDE
login process also will not work with any X terminals that aren't in
/etc/inet/hosts.  We're using the Sun-supplied CDE suite with the latest
patches.  Clearly this workaround isn't optimal, and since our site has
a large number of X terminal users and it's not trivial to find all of
them and make /etc/inet/hosts entries for them we may have to go back to
the not-quite-as-badly-broken situation of using the nscd host cache

Frankly, at this point we're a little annoyed that it's taken this long
to get a fix from Sun for such a serious problem, and clearly the
workaround breaks many applications even while fixing some of the nscd
bottleneck problems.  I at least hope this is going to be fixed in 2.6,
but a patch for 2.5 would be desirable too.


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