JOVE text editor: release 4.16beta

JOVE text editor: release 4.16beta

Post by D. Hugh Redelmei » Sat, 26 Nov 1994 17:00:20

The JOVE text editor is a modest but comfortable EMACS subset.  JOVE
works on most UNIX systems and on MSDOS systems.  Earlier versions
work on the Apple Macintosh and the Atari ST.

If you don't use JOVE, here is why you might wish to:
- JOVE's resource requirements are modest (roughly equivalent to vi)
- (religion) JOVE is EMACS-like, which is much more powerful than vi
  and cleaner too.
- JOVE can be customized, but it has no extension language.
- JOVE is relatively easy to port.
- JOVE is very reliable -- it has had years of testing by many people.
- although JOVE is modest, it has quite a few comfort features.
- JOVE (including its source, written in C) may be freely redistributed.

If you already use JOVE, you should know that this is the first public
release of JOVE in several years.  There have been innumerable improvements.
Here are a few highlights:
- There have been many portability improvements.
- Prepared configurations are supplied for many current systems, including
  AIX, BSDI, DGUX, HP-UX, Irix, Linux, OSF/1, QNX, SCO, Solaris, SunOS,
  SVR4, and Ultrix.
- JOVE is now 8-bit clean: it supports more than the 7-bit ASCII character set.
- JOVE includes prepared support for function keys on selected terminals.
- JOVE now supports a mouse under X and SunView.
Further changes are outlined in the README.

JOVE is supported by a group of users, including the original author.

beta release.  We think that it is solid, but we only have access to
a limited number of users and systems.  We welcome bug reports.  We
also welcome reports on porting JOVE.  We are even interested in
suggestions for new features, but we are conservative in adopting

JOVE's official archive is in

jove.README     up-to-date description of files
KNOWN-PROBLEMS  up-to-date list of serious problems and workarounds

jove4.16beta.tar.gz     gziped tar file of complete source
jove4.16beta.tar.Z      compressed tar file of complete source     short (8.3) name for jove4.16beta.tar.Z
jove416b.tgz    short (8.3) name for jove4.16beta.tar.gz    JOVE 4.16beta sources for DOS (includes documentation)    JOVE 4.16beta executables for DOS (includes documentation)

The archive also contains older versions of JOVE for other platforms.