Help! getting host name is impossible!

Help! getting host name is impossible!

Post by Maurizio Codog » Tue, 13 Jun 1995 04:00:00

After changing local subnet (but I see nothing strange with netstat -r)
I have noticed huges delays in resolving names from programs with my
SparcStation 10 running Solaris 2.4 . When I say huge, I mean 1 minute or
so! It happens with traceroute, Mosaic, sendmail... However if I use
nslookup or nstest, response times seem to be quite normal, so it does not
seem to be a simple `bad network' problem. Funny is, if I rerun a sendmail
-M it starts immediately, but it takes a lot to start even if I had asked
to nslookup to resolve the network address (and I have even added localhost
to the resolvers, to have a cache ready).

Does anybody have any idea to explain this behavior?

ciao, .mau.


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I tried using the gethostname() command but can`t seem to get it to
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the name.

Any direction or code segment would be greatly appreciated.

Please reply via email to my address below.

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