Solaris Exam Help!!

Solaris Exam Help!!

Post by Lap Yip. » Sat, 02 Aug 1997 04:00:00


I am preparing for the solaris 2.5 admin/network examination
but I think the resource available is very few. Besides,
there are no friends of mine who have taken these exams.
( Because they rush to take MCSE :> )

I appreciate any help of yours, including any comments of these
exams ( easy or difficult ), exam. questions remembered, time
needed to prepare...etc.

Besides, I would like to know the effect of these certificates.
Do the employers really take care of these certificates?

Many Thanks!!!!


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part will not be easy. Not only it is advanced, but also difficult to find a book that covers
the topics in Part II.  Solaris advanced system administrator's guide (Janice Winsor ) does
not match the topic in the exam very well.

If anybody has suggestion, hints, recommend some books .... , pls. help me out

Appreciate !!!

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