Client fill up NFS, 2.5 Server hung up....

Client fill up NFS, 2.5 Server hung up....

Post by Long » Tue, 30 Jul 1996 04:00:00

  Hi Folks,

 I have SS20 runing 2.5 as the NFS server, and all the
clients machine runing 2.4. The server hangs up frequently
after one of the users fill up their home directory which
is mounted on their system, and exported from the server.
 I first shutdown the NIS+. and use all the local files
but the probelm still exist. I turned on the quotas, but
the server still hung up on me every two, three days.

 If you have any experience with this problem, please give
me some tips.

 Before, the server runing 2.4 and I also have this problem
then I upgrade to 2.5 with the hope that may solve the problem.

 Thanks in advance

Long Le