OK I would like to buy solaris for X86 but where.

OK I would like to buy solaris for X86 but where.

Post by Pogy Kurniaw » Thu, 07 Oct 1993 17:59:35

Up here in Canada, our sun reps are clueless. I asked several of them
who would see Solaris for X86 (Educational Discount) and they just hmmm
and hawed. In the end they did now know. I expect this from IBM, and AT&T
but not the might SUN. OK guys does someone (nice person) out there
want to give me the lowdown on how and howmuch I can expect to fork out
for X86 Solaris.



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Hi All,
     I'm trying to install Solaris 2.5 on a Intel machine (well, its SONY
PCV-90)  a P200 machine.  Most of the stuff in it pretty much IDE except the
scis for my scsi CDROm.  Now, when I booted with the boot floppy, it runs
the init and doesn't find anything (scsi bios not install type of error
message) except for , you guessed it, the scsi adapter.   That's it?  It
doesn't work on a regualr cheap non scsi intel machine? Bummer!

I don't think I I'm gonna get a machine full of scsi stuff now just for this
(can't afford it either) .  But always wanted to checkout solaris ;(
Oh well, I will just wake away wearing my Red Hat ;-))

Thanks for any pointer if it is possible and I'm not doing something right.

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