solarix for x86

solarix for x86

Post by ELROY LAWRENCE » Mon, 03 Jan 1994 13:03:03

  Can anyone help me...

   I am thinking of buying solaris for x86.  I hear there is a 2 user version
and a multiuser version.  What are the differences (besides the obvious??)
What is the newest version of solaris for x86 and what would a good street pricebe on it?  Any help would be appreciated!!!!



1. Anyone know how to add locales to a Solarix 2.5 x86 machine?

I would like to add additional locales to my Solaris 2.5 x86 machine so that I
can test my internationalization code in multi-byte locales such as Japan.

Replies by e-mail would really be appreciated.

Thanks in advance


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