Announce: X-Accountant Personal Finance App

Announce: X-Accountant Personal Finance App

Post by Linas Vepsta » Sat, 20 Dec 1997 04:00:00


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Announce: X-Accountant Personal Finance App

X-Accountant is a GPL'ed simple, single-user personal-finance
accounting program for Unix/Motif.

Although originally developed on Linux, it should compile & run
on other unixes.  This announce is a call for help in getting
it to compile on other systems.  Please send patches & comments

would be greatly appreciated! And finally ... anyone who is
interested in extending/enhancing xacc, please take a look

Title:          xacc -- simple single-user accounting program
Version:        1.0b11
Entered-date:   9DEC97
Description:    xacc is a program to keep track of your finances.  It
                offers a simple check-book register style interface.
                Currently, the features are quite simple:

                - Multiple Accounts
                - Each account keeps a running balance and
                  a reconciled balance, so you can keep track
                  of the checks that have cleared your account.
                - A simple interface.  If you can use the
                  register in the back of your checkbook,
                  you can use xacc.
                - QuickFill... if you begin typing a description
                  in the description fields, and it matches an
                  previous transaction, hitting <TAB> will copy
                  the previous transaction.  Handy if you have
                  similar transactions on a regular basis.
                  (such as depositing your paycheck every week :)
                - Stock/Mutual Fund Portfolios.  Tracks stock
                - General Ledger.  This is an advanced feature
                  for more serious work. Supported are:
                   o Double Entry: Transactions can appear in two
                     accounts, one debited, one credited.
                   o Sub-accounts: A master account can have
                     a hierarchy of detail accounts.
                   o Income/Expense account types.
                   o General Ledger for displaying multiple
                     accounts at once.
                - Quicken Import. Support for import from
                  Quicken Version 3 QIF files.

Keywords:       X11 Accounting double entry

                540KB  xacc-1.0b7-sgi-irix.inst.tar
Alternate-site: /pub/Linux/apps/financial/accounting/
                871KB  xacc-1.0b11.tar.gz
                1349KB  xacc-1.0b11-bin-linux-i386.tar.gz
Alternate-site: /contrib/applications
Platforms:      Linux/Unix/X Windows/Lesstif/Motif/Sparc/Intel/PowerPC
Copying-policy: GPL