Data recovery service recommendation.

Data recovery service recommendation.

Post by Ernest Ki » Thu, 29 Mar 2001 03:57:03

I feel like a fool.  A hard drive that I thought was being backed up
wasn't.  Now it has crashed, and I need to get the data off of it.
Does anyone have any recommendations for a data recovery service.

The hard drive was part of a Sun DiskSuite stripe.  So some place that
has had some experience with DiskSuite disk arrays would be nice.



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Hi There,

Looking for recommendations for pushing files to my disaster recovery

I have two Ultra-1s on both end of a 512K frame-relay WAN.  I tried to
rcp a 400MB tar save-set, and several times I got a "connection lost"
message.  I contacted the provider to check for framing errors just in

What I need to know is rcp graceful enough to handle networks not
responding (say for a few milliseconds) or should I do it some other
way.  Man pages indicate cpio may have some promise, but I would
appreciate any BTDT.


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