Adaptec AIC-7890 and HP SureStore T4

Adaptec AIC-7890 and HP SureStore T4

Post by Bj|rn Lybek » Tue, 11 Aug 1998 04:00:00


I have a PC with a ASUS P2B-S  motherboard (400MHz).
This have a built in Adaptec AIC-7890 controller.
On this SCSI bus is connected a HP SureStore T4i tape, addr 4.
I have installed Solaris x86 ver. 2.6 on this system
and also the latest driver 3 update.
However, the Solaris can not find the HP SureStore T4 tape.
The /etc/driver_aliases do not have an entry for
the Adaptec AIC-7890 (but the 7891?). It does not
help to manually add a line for the AIC-7890.
The #touch /reconfigure make it to reconfigure, but the T4 tape
drive is not found.  The DOS program PRTPCI.exe could not
find the SCSI host adapter.
Running the Configuration Assistant it reporting having a SCSI Host
and it is shown here as:
PCI: 9005 , f-class
     SCSI bus controller
     bus 0, device 6, function 0
     Port: D000-D0FFF
     IRQ 10
     MEMORY : E1000000-E1000FFF
It dos NOT report any collisions etc..

However the HP SureStore T4i tape is not found.

The tape drive works OK in Windows 95 on this PC.

Do someone out there know what  could be wrong ?
Is the answer that Solaris 2.6 x86 does not yet support the AIC-7890
SCSI chip ?

Bjoern Lybekk

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I want to change my old T55TP4N/P90 to a brand new P2B-S with a
P400. I guess there is no problem with the 440BX chipsetm so the only
point that could be a problem seems to be the Adaptec AIC 7890 & 3860
SCSI controller on board. Is there any problems known with this
controller ? I've looked around a bit, and the hardware-faqs don't say
anything about this specific controller (the AIC-788x seems to be

Thanx in advance.

-- Francois Fleuret

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