Solaris 2.x, SAC with kermit, old, know problem, does kermit 6.0.192 fix it?

Solaris 2.x, SAC with kermit, old, know problem, does kermit 6.0.192 fix it?

Post by Bradley M. Ku » Sat, 14 Dec 1996 04:00:00

I just recently upgraded to 6.0.192, 6 Sep 96, Solaris 2.x, on my SS20 running
Solaris 2.4 (5.4 Generic_101945-43) w/ all recommended patches from SUN.  I
did this upgrade mainly to get around the Solaris 2.x "known bug" with the
Port Monitor on bi-directional modems.  I already know of the 'pmadm -e' work
around, but from reading the documentation (and the source) it seems like an
attempt was made to make kermit work properly with the Solaris 2.x
bidirectional port monitor.  The following excerpt from the ckuker.bwr file in
the current distribution:
NOTE: The rest of the problems in this section have to do with bidirectional
  tty lines and the Solaris Port Monitor.  Hopefully these are all fixed in
  C-Kermit 6.0.192 Beta.029, 22 Aug 96.


Still later (Nov 94): another user (Bo Kullmar in Sweden) reports that after
using C-Kermit to dial out on a bidirectional port, the port might not answer
subsequent incoming calls, and says "the problem is easy enough to to fix with
the Serial Port Manager; I just delete the service and and install it again
using the graphical interface, which underneath uses commands like sacadm and
pmadm."  Later Bo reports, "I have found that if I run Kermit with the
following script then it works.  This script is for /dev/cua/a, -s a is the
last a in /dev/cua/a

  #! /bin/sh
  sleep 2
  surun pmadm -e -p zsmon -s a

(end quote)
However, for me, the behavior with 6.0.192 is exactly the same as with the
older 5A versions of kermit.  After dialing out with kermit, the modem will
still answer for dialins, but the login prompts aren't given.  running
pmadm -e ... fixes it, but this fixed it with 5A versions as well!

been very helpful, and mentioned that there were many other bugs with Solaris
(like crashing the kernel) that 5A(190) had but 6.0.192 doesn't.  However, the
ckuker.bwr file seems to suggest that my problem is fixed too.

Frank reiterated that kermit makes no attempt to talk to Solaris' NON-STANDARD
SAC and that kermit-support recommends that one user wrappers to reset the
bi-directionality after using kermit.

I have no problem using the wrapper, if that is the only way.  However, Frank
also said the following to me in email:

  By the way, as soon as I announced 6.0.192, I got mail back from several
  Solaris users who were happy as can be because the problems they were having
  did indeed go away.  But again, I think these were the other problems of
  the more serious nature (which were not, to my knowledge, Kermit's fault to
  begin with, because the same code ran harmlessly on numerous non-Solaris

So, my question is to anyone using kermit 6.0.192, 6 Sep 1996 on Solaris 2.x:
Do you sill have to run the pmadm -e command to fix a bi-directional port
after using kermit?  I just want to know if I can configure eeprom, ttymon,
etc. differently  so I don't have to use pmadm -e after each kermit use.
(It would make things easier, as I wouldn't need to sudo from pmadm etc.)

Finally, I would like to thank Frank da Cruz for all his expedient help on
this matter.  I tend to agree with him that if SUN insists on using the
proprietary SAC, they should at least give an API so that programs like kermit
can be used to dialout and work just as well as cu & co. supplied from the


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