Several keyboards on a Sparc Server 1000 ?

Several keyboards on a Sparc Server 1000 ?

Post by thorbjorn willo » Tue, 28 Dec 1993 21:07:43

We have a Sparc Server 1000 with two system cards running Solaris
2.3. Now I have put two GX cards in it, and two keyboards. I have
manged to use both screens with the main keyboard under openwindow
(using -dev /dev/cgsix1:/dev/cgsix:0), but the second keyboard is not
useful for anything.

Is it possible to utilize several keyboards on one Sparc Server 1000 ?
And how?

What I hope is to have each keyboard be associated with a screen, and
having several people running X sessions directly on the machine.

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I had suggested giving the C/C++ programmers SPARC 20's or
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They want to give the developers Windows PC's with a PC X server,
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I cannot convince them, and am starting to worry if it's just
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