bad PBR sig .. error

bad PBR sig .. error

Post by á?á¤? » Wed, 18 Apr 2001 16:24:23

Hi everyone ^^
I have installed Solaris 8 - x86 version in my pc.
My pc have two harddisk, and I have installed Solaris at
secondary harddisk. (Primary is windows 98)
And I swich OS through CMOS boot disk change.

It goes well, but yesterday I tried to boot solaris,
"bad PBR sig" error ocuured and  I coudn't boot solaris.

Through CD-rom booting, I commnaded 'format' and checked
partition table. Because patition table was clear, I reset partition
table from copy. But It did not work and "bad PBR sig" occured.

How can I recovery without reinstall?
(Seconday disk have another patition for extended DOS.)



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we examed the partions , that's all OK.

What can I do then.

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