Checksum offloading / Wake On LAN

Checksum offloading / Wake On LAN

Post by Alan Coopersmi » Wed, 23 Feb 2000 04:00:00

>Checksum Offloading
>In solaris 2.6 Answer book It is mentioned that the TCP/IP protocol
>stack has been enhanced to support two new features zero copy and TCP
>checksum offload. This is mentioned in "Transport Layer Interfaces
>Programming guide - Advanced Topics" section, but not much information

If you read the "What's New in the Solaris Operating Environment" part
of the answerbook, you will see:

    Support for hardware checksum has been added as well. Performance is
    improved by avoiding software computation of the checksum, off-loading
    the work to a network adapter that supports it. This is currently only
    supported on the SunATM(TM) card.

I don't see mention in any later Solaris release notes of additional
drivers being supported now, but I wouldn't be surprised if support
was added for Sun's high-end adapters, such as gigabit ethernet.

Quote:>Wake On LAN
>Solaris 2.6 supports Power management features. I am assuming that this
>has some relationship with Wake On LAN feature supported by the adapter.
>Is my assumption correct ?

If Wake On LAN were supported, it would be integrated with the Power
management features, but just because a system has power management
features does not mean it supports Wake On LAN.


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Stupid questions may follow:

  * Make sure that the BIOS actually supports wake-on-lan
  * Is there a cable running from your NIC onto the motherboard ?

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