Q: origin of dircmp command

Q: origin of dircmp command

Post by Baby Pean » Tue, 12 Nov 2002 07:46:56

Was the dircmp command developed on BSD and ported to Solaris?

My evidence is this:

On Seventh Edition (tested on 7th Ed. via SIMH PDP-11) "ls -lg" would
switch from displaying the user field to the group field (you can only
display the user field or the group field at one time.)

On 4.3BSD (tested on 4.3 BSD Quasijarus running on SIMH VAX) "ls -lg"
would add the group field after the user field (using only "ls -l"
displays only the user field.)

On old SysVile (tested on SCO 3.2 i386) and Solaris "ls -lg"
suppresses the user field displaying only the group field (using just
"ls -l" displays both.)

If this is true then why on earth would they invoke ls in the dircmp
script with options to provide less information on SysV?  Possible

1) 4.3BSD programmers who did not know about SysV ls options wrote
dircmp on SysV.

2) dircmp was written on 4.3BSD (or earlier) and poorly ported to

P.S. dircmp still references /usr/tmp even on Solaris 9.