2.4 + NIS + shadow passwd

2.4 + NIS + shadow passwd

Post by Wa » Sat, 20 May 1995 04:00:00


Could someone please give me some suggestion? Thanks.
I am using Solaris 2.4 and NIS (ypserv from 101363-06).
The NIS machines can only share /etc/passwd but not /etc/shadow.
How to let them share /etc/shadow?




1. changing passwd on NIS server updates /etc/shadow only and not shadow.byname map

Platform: Suse Linux Professional 9.1

Changing a passwd on an NIS client using the passwd command works
fine.  The /etc/shadow and shadow.byname map gets updated on the NIS
server machine.

However, changing a passwd on the NIS server using the passwd command
only updates the /etc/shadow file.  The shadow.byname map does not get
updated.  The only way I can think of to fix this is to set up a cron
job to periodically run
make -C /var/yp

I am using Thorsten Kukuk's pam_unix2.so module which is suppose to be
 "clever" enough to find out whether the account it's dealing with is
local or NIS but it does not appear to work.

Any idea what's wrong?

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