Update: Chicago OpenSolaris User Group meeting Oct 20th

Update: Chicago OpenSolaris User Group meeting Oct 20th

Post by Eric Boutilie » Wed, 05 Oct 2005 06:06:06

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Quote:> Attention fellow Illinois/Wisconsin/Indiana OpenSolaris people -- mark
> your calendars for Thursday Oct 20th. Simon Phipps, Sun's Chief Open
> Source Officer and OpenSolaris Board Member, will be in Chicago then,
> so I took the opportunity to plan an inaugural Upper-Midwest (or
> whatever we decide to call it) OpenSolaris User Group meeting. Simon
> will do the keynote, and for a special bonus, Sun's Solaris Ambassador
> (operating systems technical expert) for the upper-midwest area, Linda
> Kateley agreed to do a talk on your favorite Solaris technology (ZFS
> perhaps?)

> The time/date/city is firm -- the evening of Oct 20th, in Chicago or
> nearby; but we need to come up with a venue. Offers? Suggestions?  Yes,
> I can probably get a conference room at the local Sun office, but maybe
> a more casual, "non-commerically" setting would be better?

> I'll add a page for this new group on the opensolaris.org UG community
> area, but what should we call it? My two-cents: "Chicago OSUG" is too
> narrow and "Upper-Midwest OSUG" is too broad...

> Eric


1. So far there are two names in the running: Lake Michigan OSUG (LMOSUG)
   and OpenSolaris Great Lakes UG (OS GLUG).

2. If you plan to attend the meeting, please RSVP by e-mailing me
   directly so I can get a count and plan accordingly.

3. A local (seasoned) Sun guy emphasized to me that we'll probably
   get a better turnout if we hold the meeting in the suburbs rather
   than downtown -- so that's the direction I'm leaning right now.

4. I will also be posting the announcement on luni-announce. LUNI =
   Linux Users of Northern Illinois (http://luni.org/).  There are
   various FOSS/Linux/UNIX user-groups in the Chicago area, but the
   LUNI lists have become the focal-points that most people interested
   in such activities subscribe to. Just to make sure though, I

   expected, the reply was "feel free to announce the formation and all
   your meetings on luni-announce."