Peferred character terminal?

Peferred character terminal?

Post by Barry Roombe » Wed, 29 Apr 1998 04:00:00

Using solaris 2.6, accessing it via Win95 PCs, is there a preferred
terminal emulation?

My users will be using Attachmate Extra, which includes a few
choices, such as VT100, VT400, VT52, and ANSI-BBS.

I have problems with the ShiftWidth mode in vi, where things get
painted wrong if I use anything other than standard 8 char tabs,

Which emulation should I use, and what would the appropriate TERM var
be (if not the default, ie: TERM=vt100, etc)?

When using SCO Unix, I use their bundled TERMLITE, which is an
accurate console emulator.  Do Sun have a bundled end user terminal
product too?

Right now, I'm trying to EASE in a few MF Cobol programmers into the
world of Unix (MF Cobol, 'C', and PERL!), so anything I can do to make
their lives easier, the better.

If it means picking up yet ANOTHER terminal program, so be it, but I'd
like to avoid it since they are already using Extra to get to the MF
via 3270 Mode.

They are currently of bogus low end PCs, so I don't have the choice of
giving them a real 'X' environment (can't kill the PC for Linux just


Peferred character terminal?

Post by Barry Roombe » Thu, 30 Apr 1998 04:00:00

As I respond to my own posting:

The trials go on.

Attachmate Extra using Vt420 seems to work OK for
the ISPF editor when the TERM=dtterm, but the
MicroFocus cobol environment spews chunks.

MF uses it's OWN terminfo directory tree, which
I've copied the Solaris dtterm terminfo entries, but the
graphics characters don't work and neither do
the function keys.  (seems like I'm going to have to rewrite
those entries on the MF side.)

MF suggests using PowerTerm from Ericsoft (?), which
I downloaded and tested as a VT220 (sugested by MF).  
It works great for the COBOL env, but then the ISPF
editor doesn't work (F-keys).

I'd reather stick with the Attachemate Extra and hack out the
MF terminfo files then setup multiple differing terminal

Any other suggestions?


1. Multiple session from a character terminal


        I know this is not directly a linux question but since we are
all linux user may be some of you can shed light on this.

        Have any of you heard of a utility out there for handling
switching between multiple (character) sessions from a character terminal
under *unix?  Desirably the utility should be able to handle restoring
the text screens automatically.

        Please direct you reply to my email address below.  Thanks for
your help.



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