NIS problems after secondary server death

NIS problems after secondary server death

Post by Steven Butterwort » Thu, 17 Sep 1998 04:00:00


I recently had a secondary NIS server die and am having difficulty in
figuring out what needs to be done to completely restore the system
to health. In the longer term, I definitely need to set up a replacement
secondary server, but for the moment I am just trying to get the main
server distributing maps properly.

Ever since the death of 'edc' I have been getting messages like the

bash-2.00# make
updated passwd

nis server not registered at edc.

nis server not registered at edc.
pushed passwd
updated netid

nis server not registered at edc.
pushed netid

Clearly the master server is still looking for its slave. After searching
for a configuration file to change by hand (and failing), I stumbled on
ypinit -c and attempted to change the ypserver set to just the master
server 'mast'.

As far as I can see, this has made no difference. I have stopped and
restarted NIS services on the master, but this has had no apparent effect.

Must I reboot the master server to change its state? I finally found the
apparently relevant configuration file in


which now contains an entry for mast, but not edc.

A 'ypcat -k ypservers' yields


So I clearly haven't succeeded in changing the relevant NIS map.

In addition, I am suddenly having (possibly unrelated) problems with
user account creation.  When I attempt to password an account (from
the server or any of the clients) I get the session:

bash-2.00# passwd fakeperson
New password:
Re-enter new password:
passwd: couldn't create client

The reference to 'client' makes me wonder whether this is a manifestation
of my more general NIS problems.

All help will be much appreciated. I am now off to try and find a
machine that has both a DPS server and access to the Solaris Answerbooks
to see if I can get some help there.

Maybe another one of these ancient Sparc 1s will keel over
today. Bleeaahhh!!


Steve Butterworth


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I'v found some very old message about this problem in this group, but
there was no solution.

I' ve set up a NIS server on a Linux machine ( ubuntu 5.01)
following this howto

everything seems to be ok
my sun machine is binded to ypserv on linux

inv09748 ( my linux nis server)


but when i try to log with cao8 => " incorrect login"

i can only log with root

loggued with root in can do :
su - cao8
and it works fine

so ... if someone can help, i will be very gracefull

(sorry for my english, i'm french)

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