Anti - eject command?

Anti - eject command?

Post by Tom Dyes » Thu, 18 Oct 2001 05:39:27


    This is a supid question and doesn't really matter but I'm curious.
Since eject will eject a cdrom tray, is there a command to close the tray
after it's been opened?



1. Error while ejecting cd-rom with eject command...

I have an EIDE generic (I think it's mitsumi)
4xCD-rom drive and no matter who ejects it, be it a user
or root, with the eject command I get an error message:
eject: inquiry ioctl error: Operation not permitted

It still ejects the CD-ROM but what does this error mean
exactly?  A friend of mine says his does the same thing.

    Gunther Dragon --=(UDIC)=-- John Wiggins

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