problems with pcnfs deamon

problems with pcnfs deamon

Post by Hossam El-Ashka » Thu, 25 Jun 1998 04:00:00

I have read in the on line documentation at Sun that it is possible for the
Win95 clients to deal with Solaris servers as if they were windows NT
servers through the Solictice Network Client(SNC) software they offer. I
have downloaded the trial version, installed the pcnfs daemon on Solaris
2.5.1 x86. I do not know how to connect to it from windows. The packages the
are offered in SNC for windows are servers not clients....
Does any one know how to operate it??

Hossam El-Ashkar


1. pcnfs-linux net w/ AT1500 problems!

I have two machines networked together. One machine is running PC-NFS and the other is running the latest version of Linux.  Both machines have Allied Telesis 1500 cards installed.  The pc-nfs box has the linux fs mounted on D:.  The linux box is running the pcnfs daemon. Both cards are setup as follows:

IRQ=5, DMA=5 at 0x300

The pc's dont have anything fancy in them just controller, video, and net cards.

The problem is that during a copy from the linux fs (D:) to the pc-nfs home (C:) the linux box forgets it has a network card.  The card just quits working.  A reboot will usually show something similar to:
 eth0: ... IRQ=5, DMA=5, at 0x300 detection probe failed

rebooting several times will eventually initialize the card with success. Also, a complete powerdown will cause an initialization success. BUT, the card will quit working again after about 2 minutes.




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