menu systems

menu systems

Post by Jennifer Anne Stef » Fri, 30 Aug 1996 04:00:00

I am currently using a menu system I wrote based on the perlmenu package.
The only problem is that it is, of course, a runtime compiled application.
This eats up scads of memory - does anyone know of a menu system which
supports vt100 emulation with the ease of setup of perl?



1. Shell Curses Version 1.11 (w/ menu system)

Verion 1.11 of Shell Curses provides additional speed
over previous versions.  The Demo program has been
modified to incorporate more internal ksh functions.
The Demo program can also be used as a generic template
for  menuing and data entry systems.

This uuencoded file contains a shell script which
performs curses-like screen addressing and cursor
movement.  These functions may be included in Bourne
or Korn shell scripts to build complex shell programs.

To extract the shell script and demo programs:

Create a directory called "curses" and write this
message out to a file called "curses.uue" in the
"curses" directory

cd into the new directory and run the following

uudecode curses.uue
uncompress curses.tar.Z
tar xvf curses.tar

For further instructions see the "readme.txt" file.

begin 644 ./curses.tar.Z


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