Using Windows key as Meta (Solaris x86)

Using Windows key as Meta (Solaris x86)

Post by Hung Michael Nguy » Wed, 07 Feb 1996 04:00:00

I have one of those fancy Win95 compatible keyboards laying about, and
was wondering if the Windows key (the key w/ the Windows logo) could
be used as Meta (instead of Ctrl-Alt)? There is also a menu key that
could be used to open a menu. I am running 2.4 w/ CDE 1.0.1. Has
anyone done one of these things?


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I have been using Emacs on NT for a while now, but now need to work on
Solaris 2.8 using Xemacs 20.4. The machine that I am working on is a
SunBlade 100. I have never really had to change the configuration of
any version of Emacs till lately.  Can someone please tell me how to
make the "Alt" key on the SunBlade keyboard to be the META key?  I am
really getting sick of using ESC.

Thanx in advance,
- SB

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