video support for Solaris x86

video support for Solaris x86

Post by Joe Picone - The Terminal Ma » Mon, 01 Feb 1999 04:00:00

Are there *any* 24-bit video cards supported by Solaris 2.7 now?

We are currently using a PCI-based Matrox card. These are out of production
and extremely hard to find.

Our attempts at using any of the newer Matrox cards, AGP cards, etc.,
all failed (as documented in a previous post).

Can someone point us to a 24-bit 8M video card that really works?

(Note that several listed on the HCL - Matrox and ATI - didn't work. We even
installed a beta version of the Solaris 2.7 video drivers with no luck.)

Thanks in advance,

-Joe Picone


1. Solaris x86 Video support for 65K colors???

Does anyone know why x86 video drivers only supprot 8bit (256 colors)
or 24bit true color ( >16.7 millions colors ) but not 16bit (65K colors)?

There seems to be no support for 16bit, 65,000+ colors which is what
most JPEG's or GIF's need.

Most lower priced 24bit cards in high resolution only support 65,000
colors yet since Solaris x86 drivers don't support this mode you are left
with only 256 colors.

I've only recently noticed this when using both NT and Solaris side
by side.  JPEG's or GIF's which I thought had not been scanned in
perfectly, were in fact in great shape.  Only they needed more
than 256 colors.

Am I missing something here?  I am using an ATI MACH 32 PRO and an
ATI MACH 64 PCI graphics Xpression.


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