Sun reboot command stuck when resolution is 1920x1200x70

Sun reboot command stuck when resolution is 1920x1200x70

Post by Michael Le » Thu, 16 Jul 1998 04:00:00

Hardware: Sun Ultra 1 with Sun video card 3D creator version 3 and
          Sony 24 inch monitor GDM-W900 connected by 13w3 to 4 BNC
System:   Solaris 2.5.1 (Nov 97)
Problem:  After setting resolution by the command:
            "ffbconfig -dev /dev/fb0 -res 1920x1200x70"
            and rebooting, all is operating ok.
          But - the commands "init 0" or "init 6" get stuck.
            To reboot - I must power off and on.
          Solaris 2.6 gave same results.
            installing patches on both systems has not helped.

Does someone have the experience and knowledge to help ?



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Hi there.

I am having a problem with a number of machines that my company has
bought.  After installing RedHat and Linux attempts to reboot itself,
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