Apache err(Invalid command ProxyRequests)solaris2.6

Apache err(Invalid command ProxyRequests)solaris2.6

Post by Marc Slemk » Wed, 03 Jun 1998 04:00:00

>Ultra-2, Solaris 2.6 (3/98), Apache_1.2.4
>I am recieving an
>Invalid command ProxyRequests
>when I choose the "on" option. If I comment this line out then I get an error
>on the CacheRoot line
>Invalid command CacheRoot
>I am open to all suggestions but am in a bind to get this up by the end of the
>week. I just want to use Apache as a cache proxy for the firewall server.

You probably don't have mod_proxy compiled into your server.

Run "httpd -l" to list the modules present.  If mod_proxy isn't in
there, you have to edit your Configuration file and recompile.


1. 2.2.13 "invalid compressed format (err=1 or err=2)"


I'm developing an embedded diskless LINUX system which needs to boot over the

I've successfully created the 2.2.13 kernel and the initial root filesystem
(gzip compressed ext2fs format file) and have managed to boot it without
difficulty on many occasions. However, I've gotten to a point where I've added a
couple of files (notably  libstdc++....so) to my filesystem and for some reason
on bootup, I get the following error when it goes to mount the initrd:

"RAMDISK: invalid compressed format (err=1)"
"RAMDISK: invalid compressed format (err=2)"

Now, I've checked the sanity of the original filesystem image (prior to it being
attached to the kernel) and the gzip file tests fine. I can uncompress it, and
mount it without a problem. For some reason it only appears to be an issue when
the kernel is decompressing it (as opposed to the "real" gzip). Is there some
incompatibility between the linux kernel lib/inflate.c (which is based on gzip
1.0.3?) and the current version of gzip (1.2.4)? Another weird thing I've
noticed is that if I remove that particular file (libstdc++....so) the image
uncompresses without a hitch.

Does anyone have any clue how I can get around this problem? Any input / ideas
would be much appreciated.



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