Help! FTP falls asleep during transfers

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Shortly after inetd is started on my Linux machine I can ftp/telnet to it
successfully. After about 5 minutes the connection can not be made and any
open telnet/ftp sessions are dropped.  I can kill inetd and start httpd in
standalone mode and the same thing happens, I can http to the machine for
about 5 minutes then can not connect again. I can still telnet/ftp from the
Linux machine out during this time and after I do that I get another 5 minute
window to telnet/ftp into the machine.This problem seems to occur mostly
during the day when the network is very busy while at night or over weekends
the problem occurs less often. Can anyone help a newbe out?

Linux kernel 1.2.13
Artisoft AE3 running in NE2000 mode

Ed Kaftan

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