How does uucico use dial()?

How does uucico use dial()?

Post by Dave Johnso » Mon, 25 Nov 1996 04:00:00

Anyone know the difference in the way uucico and cu use dial()?
From what I can tell, terminal settings between the computer and
the modem are set by an entry in /etc/remote for cu.  So are the
terminal settings for uucico set by the /etc/remote entry used
by the port monitor?  If this is the case, then how are some able
to get uucico to call out through a modem without a port monitor
Either way, why should Uutry have a problem getting a response from
a modem when cu has no problem at all?  I can easily call-out to
a system with cu, but uucico through Uutry never even gets an "OK"
from the modem.  Am I missing a uucico patch? I am using Solaris x86
2.5 with du4, and a USR 33.6-voice Sportster modem.


1. Dialing multiple phone numbers using uucico

I've got several sites that I communicate with via uucico. A few of them
have multiple phone numbers that I can use. I've got entries for each
number in the Systems file but don't seem to be getting any but the first
one to dial.

I checked the FAQs and help and nothing on this topic is listed. I want to
dial the numbers til one of them connects. I'm assuming that if things work
properly that uucico will dial each number in turn until one connects and
then dump out. What if none of the numbers connects? How do I get it to
start redialing? Is there any control over this at all? Probably requires
some scripts to be written and I'm sure a few of you already have them
operating. It might be worth posting them or at least email them to me.

Please respond via email (for now anyway... til I get all this working).


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