ColdFusion Source Control on Solaris

ColdFusion Source Control on Solaris

Post by geoff hick » Sat, 10 Mar 2001 04:30:42

Is there an integrated source control solution for ColdFusion on Solaris?

I'm runing ColdFusion Studio 4.5.1 on an NT and the  CF 4.5.1 enterprise
server is on a Ultra runing Solaris 7



1. Source control/Version control wanted

Where can I find a good (PD) source control/version control program
for UNIX?  We have an application with about 2000 subroutines, supported
on several UNIX platforms and woked on by several people.  We need a better
means of managing this situation.  All suggestions MOST welcome.

Please Email as I don't always have time to read this group.


Brian Wainscott  | "I want to get so close to Him that it's no big change


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