Unix System Engineer Sought (Zurich)

Unix System Engineer Sought (Zurich)

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Quote:>>>>>>>>>>>>>> UNIX SYSTEM & NETWORK ENGINEER <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

OLSEN & ASSOCIATES is a leading developer of online forecasting
technology for business and finance. Our products and services are in
at major financial institutions and corporations worldwide. Selected
services are offered on http://www.oanda.com and http://www.olsen.ch.
We rely on networks of Unix Workstations and on Web technology.

We are looking for a top UNIX SYSTEM & NETWORK ENGINEER
who has a solid understanding of networking/distributed
computing environment concepts and understands principles of
routing, client/server computing and knows the design of
consistent network-wide filesystem layouts. Applicants should have
sound UNIX experience, preferrably with Solaris and SunOS. We
further require the knowledge of at least one administrative
language, such as Tcl/Tk, Expect, Perl, or Python.
We also expect experience with NFS, Web Servers, domain name servers,
and TCP/IP networking protocols.

We offer good working conditions, in a company of highly motivated and
skilled people. Our offices are located in a prominent Zurich area,
overlooking beautiful Lake Zurich.

Please send your detailed CV to:

Olsen & Associates AG
Mrs. Linda Zehnder, CFO
Seefeldstrasse 233
CH-8008 Zurich

Phone: +41-1-386-4848
Fax: +41-1-422-2282


1. Job Offer, Zurich: UNIX SYSTEM ENGINEER

Unix System & Network Engineer - A Hands-On Job at a Very Special

Olsen & Associates is a progressive firm specializing in the delivery
of financial data generated using state of the art software developed
in-house. Our offices are located in a prominent Zurich area.
The services the company currently offers
(see www.oanda.com, www.olsen.ch) are a small part of a much larger
Come join us in helping to realize that dream.

You, the system engineer (administrator), will be responsible for our
environment, reporting to the director in charge of the research and
software development groups.

We are currently upgrading our computer infrastructure from SunOS to
Solaris and installing a 100MB ethernet backbone.  Your job will be the
implementation and upkeep of the resulting network and its associated

The job includes working with the software development and research
teams in developing a strategy for maintaining a cutting edge computing
environment appropriate to our longer term needs. You will be
responsible for the implementation of the strategy including all tasks
related to the actual installation of workstations, servers, operating
systems, networking hardware, etc.

This is a "hands-on" job and you will be expected to be active in all
phases from planning right through to the final implementation and hand-
over to users. Naturally we'll be there too, working right alongside
you. You will be a key member of our newly formed operations support
group. There will be occasional production support duties too. You may
even be on-call for emergencies. It won't be dull.

Does this describe and interest you:

  - self starter with a positive outlook who sees problems as
  - confident that you can make a difference and willing to take
  - hungry for new skills and ready to be challenged
  - experienced at juggling (conflicting) priorities, schedules and
  - work independently and in a team
  - deal with the details and yet still see the big picture
  - willingness to share our vision and join the adventure

Have you got experience with:

  - Solaris, SunOS, NFS, NIS, DNS, X-Windows, RAID technology, ethernet
    based networking hardware and software, etc.
  - Setting up user accounts, printers, third party software. Installing
    hardware, software and operating systems.

In case you haven't already guessed, the company language is English
though we have a strong international flavor. We offer a competitive
salary and good benefits.

Please send your resume to Olsen & Associates,
Seefeldstrasse 233, 8008 Zurich, Tel: 01 386 48 48, Fax: 01 422 22 82 or

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