now takes packaging requests now takes packaging requests

Post by Philip Bro » Wed, 01 Jan 2003 09:00:29 now has 92 packages available for download
  (each for both sparc and x86.  )
Is there one missing that you consider a true "must-have" for any decent
solaris installation?

If so, you can request that someone create a package for it, via

There is no _guarantee_ that it will be created. But if you dont let us
know you want it, it will almost certainly not happen :-)

Speaking of certainties, the chances of it being created would be just
about 100%, if you wanted to sign up to maintain the package yourself, at

If you'd like to know what we have so far, you can check painlessly via

There currently is a lot of common stuff that is on the "companion CD".
But there is also some good stuff that is NOT on there. For example,

mozilla, berkeleydb4, openldap, apache+ssl
  (plus optional modules for php,modperl, webdav)
xpdf with t1lib and freetype2, and Apple's Darwin Streaming Server

Plus, there are 64-bit sparc libraries for libjpeg and a few other
useful libraries, that you wont generally find pre-compiled elsewhere.

-- for solaris pre-packaged binaries
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