Code fragments/plug-ins for solaris?

Code fragments/plug-ins for solaris?

Post by Dan Gild » Sun, 21 Apr 1996 04:00:00

Is there anyway to write code fragments or plug-ins easily for Unix and/or

Essentially, I want to do what something like Photoshop does on my Mac (and
what I can do as code resources on my Mac).

A program looks in a directory for its plug-ins.  It plug-in contains a
fragment of code with a defined entry-point and constant interface.  The
plug-in however, is not fully linked or executable.

I want to be able to jump from the main program into the plug-ins according
to when their execution should be appropriate.

The shared object libraries come close... but I don't want the restriction
of having to link the main program with the plug-ins.

There is problably some deep kernel magic involved here, and or icky assembly

If you know how I can do this, would you please mind sending me an email
describing how to do this (or better yet, source code!)?




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