Microtec scanner on solaris ?.

Microtec scanner on solaris ?.

Post by Miller_Alan_Geor » Tue, 07 Nov 1995 04:00:00

Can I somehow use my microtec scanner on solaris somehow.
We have sparc 630MP/41 server and a sun 10.
Both run solaris.
Is there any way to connect my scanner to any of these machnes
and get some sort of software to scan into Tif or Gif or Raster
images ?

please email

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        I bought a Microtec E6 scanner several months ago and I still can
not make it work - it seems that the scsi card is not recognized from the
driver. As to complete the mess I lost the card description and the only
thing I remember is that it is 'a low-cost single-device non-boot scsi
card'. I try to make it work with aha152x low level driver, but it is
probably not this one. May someone please give me an idea how to make it

during the kernel init:
scsi:  0 hosts
scsi:  detected total

mtekscan tells:
scsi_open_device: No such device
mtekscan: Unable to open scsi device.

When I try to manually insert aha152x into the kernel, it fails:
Initialization of axa152x failed.

                                        Thanks, George.

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