Installing SunPCI III card

Installing SunPCI III card

Post by Paul Johnsto » Sat, 26 Feb 2005 20:21:49

I'm installing the above card in a Blade 100 and initially for it to
be able to see a floppy I've run the vold_disable_floppy scrip,t now
with the appropriate bios settings I can boot from a floppy
However I want to install from a cd so I need to disable the cd from
using vold
I was just wondering why isn't there a vold_disable_cdrom as I thought
99% of installationd would be cdrom based or am i missing something as
usual :-)

TIA Paul


1. Ultra 30, SUNPCI card (amd400mhz) Solaris 8 and SUNPCI 1.3

I have purchased an Ultra 30 to replace my beloved Sparc 5 for a gain in
speed and the ability to use the SUNPCI card.  I have scratch-loaded
Solaris 8 and installed SUNPCI 1.3.  The installation terminates saying
that it does not detect the card and hints the Openboot Prom may not be
the correct version.  I cannot find a "minimum OBP revision" for this
card anywhere on Sun's site or with a search engine.

When I run the SUNVTS "sunpcitest" with the -f flag I get the following

"Can not open device SunPCi Card, one instance may be already running"

Since the installation failed I know that one instance is not running,
and a cursory check with ps shows that this process is not running.

Both the system and the SUNPCI card were purchased used, and presently
both parties are pointing fingers at each other when I ask them to
assist/replace defective parts.

Do any of you know the Openboot PROM minimum version for this interface
card?  Any other suggestions as to how to tell if its the PCI bus on the
Ultra 30 or the SUNPCI card that is misbehaving?

Thanks in advance,

Jeffrey Green

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